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Vicky + Nikoleta

The Lirantonakis sisters grew up in Salem MA, and have shared a love of fashion for as long as they can remember.  Their mother had them dressing up for everything: school, doctor's appointments, and even to play at the park with their friends. Their love of dressing up stayed with them throughout their teenage years, during which they both won "Best Dressed" in high school. Since their mother wasn't paying for their dresses anymore, the sisters decided to start Best Dressed. 

After years of attending countless weddings and spending insane amounts of money on dresses, they created Best Dressed to offer local women the ability to look and feel glamorous for all of their special occasions.  They do this by providing them with the ability to rent designer dresses at a fraction of the retail cost. 

Nikoleta and Vicky were featured on The Huffington Post's Women in Business, Best Dressed won Boston's Best "party dresses" for 2016 and Boston Magazine's Style Innovators in 2017.

The sisters are passionate about choosing a collection with women of all different styles, shapes and sizes in mind, and they update it weekly.